Sunday, July 15, 2012

summer adventures on whyte

yesterday was a truly solid day. i met up with the love of my life , so we could have a date before i leave on vacation ( still vague on the date .... obviously we didnt leave today) first we hit up our new date spot Steeps tea, just off whyte avenue. cute little tea cafe with board games and mismatched furniture. i fell in love with the strawberry rasberry on ice , and faiza had her signature iced chai latte . it was the best time eve, shes the greatest to vent to , and for a moment it felt like i was actually not wasting my life away doing pointless things ! then are good old fob child decides he wants to join us , so we walk back to whyte to meet him. FOUR HOURS LATER he finishes showering and blowdrying his hair ... cough diva cough and we meet at block 1912 another cute cafe with mismatched furniture. after some green onion cakes for me, and a veggie quesadilla for faiza we waste a couple more hours talking, then take a walk up and down whyte and deccide its time to leave. heres where the real adventure begins, as usual toni offers us a ride home, but me and faiza decide to lrt , and give him a break . its all fun and games until you get to century park and theres no buses to get you home. it was one of those moments thats really really funny and really really not at the same time . so i call my lovely father and sweet talk him to pick us up, and all is fine in the world .quality days like these really make me realise that sometimes, even with people you have to cut your losses, because at any given time theres someone who cares about you and wants your time, and they deserve it alot more then people who dont bother to care, even if they've been around longer !!

and then there was today.... sunday ... a day of rest (taken way to lightly by moi ). let me breaqk it down for you :
wake up at noon
clean out the fridge and orgainize food to take camping until two (ONLY SEMI PRODUCTIVE THING I DID ALL DAY)
eat pizza pops
go through a rotation of an episode of criminal minds, 8 mario kart wii races while the next criminal minds loads, criminal minds, wii etc.etc. until 730 (can i also mention i did not get upp for the enitre five hours)
eat dinner
return to rotation
getting sore eyes, taking a break to write this so it wasnt old news.
now falling back into the routine
chowforrr nooow !!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

blabber and such....

i have nothing relevant or important to say so im just going to talk about random things. i miss my best friend. it so wierd that i cant talk to her :( you never notice how much you appreciate being able to call someone and talk whenever you want until you cant ! im leaving on my trip in a few days, still feel nervous and excited all at the same time!!!! cant wait until i leave and then ill actually have something interesting to say.... chow for nowwww :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

confessions of a hoarder

I am a hoarder, ive come to terms with it ! i have so much stuff, its 17 years shoved into every single drawer, shelf and crevice in my room! i have been cleaning for 9 hours and im ready to pull my hair out , so i decided it was best to call it a night. im proud of the progress i made but for some reason giving things away is so stressful for me. i have little panic attacks and could sit there for hours thinking about possible scenarios where i would need a certain shirt and why i shouldnt give it away. but i am donzo. for now! round two begins tomorrow, cross your fingers i make it out alive. on a lighter note , the love of my life has finally returned form her adventures in toronto , and i am relieved, as i barely made it through the six days without her. so , with my cup of tea in hand and computer inches away from my face i am hopefully awaiting some bonding time with her , and preparing to waste away the night googling pointless and irrelevant things! oh the joys of summer :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

powerpoint cards and palm bay coolers

i had the busiest, craziest funnest weekend ever. my birthday literally lasted for three days. Saturday i had a couple friends over, and i had a blast. im pretty sure they all did to :) but i guess you just never know !! we had pizza and two bite cupcakes and fruity coolers, played board games in the sun, and played some interesting rounds of would you rather. i dont even know where to begin ! its summer and beautiful and i live for the nights im so happy i cant stop smiling. alot happened this year, but these days i often find myself being able to get over something thats bothering me easier because theres so many things i have to be happy about. i made some really great friends this year, and even though its only been a year, sometimes i cant imagine what my life was like without them ! anywhooo ! back to saturday! i got the most amazing gift from my bestfriends, i love everry single thing in it . each thing had so much thought and love put into it, they were all things ive casually mentioned loving, and its like they stored it in there back pocket and whipped it out on my birthday. and you cant forget the forever reliable powerpoint card made by kate , ahahha everry year ! and i couldnt love it more. in a bit more detail, they got me 50 shades of grey, a book i was at a crossroads with, and had been talking to kate about a few days earlier, i couldnt imagine not reading such a book that was raved about by millions of women, but im still young, and i do not need to be completely sexually disturbed before i even finish highschool. but they gave me the push, and now im obligated to proof read it for everyone else. but im not going to pretend im not excited :) they also got me two bubble bars from lush, the comoforter, which is my all time favorite product, and a new product ive never tried which is beautiful and gold and sparkly, and is apparently like taking a bath in liquid gold. the last part of my gift is honestly hilarious and adorable at the same time. and it comes with a story! a couple weeks ago me and kate went to the big semi annual sale at la senza. we were joking about how boring i am because well she took advantage of the sale and picked out cute floral bras with lace and bows, i went for the buy one get one deal in white and nude. so of course, they had to get me two obscenely lacy floral bras, impossible to wear under any shirt , but completely adorable that you have to wear them. when it comes down to it , it was a simple gift , but the amount of love and though that went into it means more then anything in the world ! im super excited for kates birthday in a few weeks so i can return the favor ;)
cheers :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

birthday bloggin' !!

i havent posted in a while  ! mostly because i didnt want to ramble about nothing ! but now that something eventful has finally happened in my life i can write all about it :) yesterday (friday jue 29th ) was my 17th birthday! it was quite a day! pretty much everyone i know was busy, so i called my cousin and desperately begged her to come over for a birthday breakfast. we had waffles and orange juice and laughed about her twin brothers newly discovered fascination with orange toned cover up. apparently someone forgot to tell him that makeup is for girls, and orange is definitely not his colour. ( dont worry, hes not a cross dresses, just a pre-pubescent boy embarassed about his facefull of freckles) after what seemed like months my mom came home from work suprising me with my favorite chocolate  cupcakes :) then it was time for the moment of truth, my birthday gift. i dig through the tissue paper and what do i find ? not much , just the parker glitz micheal kors watch i have wanted for like 2 years. after i hyperventilated and dried up my tears and drool,  looked in the mirror and decided i should yet again try and pretend like i care about my appearance. Fast forward to 7pm, my favorite dad in the world shows up with balloons , and dinner reservation @ 7:30. and yes, he gets bonus points for the fact that one of the balloons was pink , and had fur. after a dinner with the gang at joeys , and a waitress-in-training, i was finally allowed to open my gifts. first up was from my brother, the new red hot chili peppers cd :) then cam the gift from my father. i open the purple envelope labelled kiddo, a nickname ive had since i was born, and what do i find ? a beautiful card talking about all types of daughters and how im the best, and even better, the card is filled with picture of CATS. yes, CATS. after the whole table died of hysteria and laughter, i stuffed the card into the envelope and moved on the the gift. 30 dollars for itunes , which will put a nice dent in my playlist for the road trip ! and a visa giftcard, because i want everything and my dad couldnt choose. next came my gift from the rest of the gang, ryleah janet and terrah. there card was much better, probably because there was no cat references. first i pull out the lifeislife cd by noah and the whale. another dent in my summer playlist ! if nothing else the soundtrack for this roadtrip wqill be an a plus. then i take out the tissue paper to reveal a smash book, in the eco design. i am soo happy about that, i was actually going to by myself one , and had jjust asked for some accesories, but the book takes the cake. after a delcious dinner  ( chicken soulvaki for me !) we headed over to marble slab for dessert! i of course thought it was only suiting to get birthday cake ice cream, with rasberries and brownie bits. and it waas delicious. after that we headed home and after a quick jump on the trampoline i headed to bed. i had a really great birthday , it was everything i assked for and more ! cant wait for more to come, suaree with a couple of friends tonight, and family part-ay tomorrow :) hope your day was as good as mine ! cheers :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summer 2012 playlist

im sooooo excited for summer ! pretty much driving across canada in a 1980s motorhome, so i figured i better get some good tunes for entertainment.
i recently saw the maine, lydia and the arkells (pioneer world tour 2012) @ the starlite room live. it ws honestly the best night of my life, so pretty much every single one of there tracks made it on to my summer playlist. i've also been loving noah and the whale, arctic monkeys, and naked and amous which is a band my friend Faiza showed me. i found this website called , and you make a profile, with all of the artists/bands that you love, and they give you basically like a newsfeed of artsits that are similair to ones that you listed , and others that are popular. this website helped alot and added a couple bands ive never heard of, or never took the time to listen to. my favorite find off was of monsters and men, and also pierce the veil. of monsters and men honestly makes me want to cry, there lyrics are deliciousss and the overall tune just sets me at ease. the two other bands ive currently become obsessed with and will be dominating my summer playist are Gotye and fun. these two are a bit more mainstream, with there chart songs "somebody that i usede to know" and "we are young" , but i have taken the time to listen to the other songs off there albums and they are amazing. particularily, songs by fun. such as somenights (also the title of there newest album) and all alright , two of my faves, will be on replay all summer !

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hey :) im alyssa ! and delightfulldays is a blog i created so that my peeps can keep track of what i am currently doing . in the near future it will be filled with a play by play of my summer road trip , but there will be more good stuff to come :) hope you enjoy ! happy summer :)